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(Northamptonshire, England)

CENSUS 1841-1891 on COMPUTER

by John Palmer, Dorset, England.

To help trace my Family Tree, (and yours too!), I've indexed all the public Census records for the village of Glapthorn in Northamptonshire, England.
You are invited to use the database in this Web-site to look for your ancestors.


Think your Ancestor comes from Glapthorn village 1841-1891?

  1. First have a look through this list of all the NAMES.
    If the name you want is there, make a note of its Schedule number.
    Then go to the next section (2).

    Click here on the initial letter of the SURNAME you want.
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  2. Here are the 6 CENSUS for GLAPTHORN so far made public. Most of the important information is included. Use the Schedule numbers you have already looked up to find the entries and the years you want.

    1841 Census, Schedule numbers 401-478 (file size: 29k)

    1851 Census, Schedule numbers 501-585 (file size: 59k)

    1861 Census, Schedule numbers 601-684 (file size: 42k)

    1871 Census, Schedule numbers 701-779 (file size: 50k)

    1881 Census, Schedule numbers 801-877 (file size: 37k)

    1891 Census, Schedule numbers 901-968 (file size: 43k)

  3. Here's more about the Village, Events in the World Outside, Lists taken from the Census, and some Statistics

    Transcriber's NOTES
    SURNAME list
    FIRSTNAME list
    STRAYS list
    STATISTICS of the population
    AGE-STRUCTURE of the population
    OLD PHOTOS around the village
    Description of the Village
    Events in the World Outside

  4. If you have found the name you're looking for, but are HAVING TROUBLE tracing it backwards among the maelstrom of names, contact me . Send me as much info as you've got, I'll do a computer search and return the results by e-mail.
    • A properly conducted computer search may be able to discover maiden names, parents, siblings, cousins, second marriages, age of death, strays from other parishes, locate Memorial inscriptions and suggest names which are only partly readable in the registers.
    • My computer is specially set up with 9 different indexes, which allow quick and complex searches to build up the Family Tree, as far as the data permits.
    • The computer search is FREE. In return, please be patient if you don't get an immediate answer, sometimes I have a backlog of e-mails to answer and sometimes I go on holiday.
    • PLEASE REMEMBER the search only covers GLAPTHORN Census 1841-1891. I don't have any computerised records outside this place and dates.

  5. Here's a list of FUNNYS that have been brought to my attention by Users of this Web site. Usually I try to put them right immediately, but sometimes there's nothing I can do but add them to this page and hope that people read it.
    My aim is to keep this Web-Site 100% up-to-date
  6. If you still HAVEN'T FOUND the name you're looking for, then its almost certainly not in the Glapthorn Census 1841-1891. I'm sorry to say that my computerised database won't be of much help to you. However there are other sources, and I'll jot them down on a separate page when I think of them. All suggestions welcome!
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  7. Want your INTERESTS on the WEB? If you've traced ancestors to Glapthorn Village, would you like to make contact with other people chasing the same surnames? Send me your e-mail address and surname of interest, and I'll add them to this page. You're welcome to add a few lines of text as well.
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  8. Prefer to do your own searching? I am selling the Glapthorn Census 1841-1891 on a single microfiches
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  9. I also run a much larger Web-site for the Parish of Wirksworth in Central Derbyshire. Included are Parish Registers 1608-1899, MIs and Directories. Have a look if you've got the time.

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