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Memories of Middleton

a booklet by Edith Taylor. 2 pounds sterling + postage.
Edith was born in the same cottage she has lived in for over 80 years, on the main street of Middleton-by-Wirksworth. She tells wonderful memories about her Chapel, Schooldays, Starting Work, Water, Village Life and courting. She is a Lady, with whom I spent 3 happy hours chatting last year. If your folk come from Middleton or nearby, you will love this booklet.

WIRKSWORTH Parish Registers Derbyshire 1608-1837 An Index

Published as a set of 14 microfiches, ISBN 0-9532844-0-9 Price GBP 6.00. Postage: GBP 0.50 (UK), airmail GBP 1.50 (USA) or GBP 1.75 (Aust). Payment: Sterling cheque or cash. This work consists of a set of 14 microfiches, covering the large and ancient town of Wirksworth, in central Derbyshire, England, as well as Middleton, Cromford, Alderwasley, Hopton, Ashlehay, Ideridghay, Ible, Gorseybanks, Bolehill and 340 other places in and beyond the Parish. It has 840 "pages" containing all baptisms, marriages and burials to be found in the parish registers between 1608 and 1837, over 70,000 entries set out in name order. Also included are a list of all 5,600 surnames, all forenames, placenames with OS references, occupations and surname variant lists, 750 links between Parish Registers and MIs in Wirksworth Church, Churchyard and Cemetery, modern and 1610 maps of the area, all important gaps in the records, vital event counts for each year and a "curious comments" list. Many of these entries cannot now be read visually in the Registers, and UltraViolet light has been used on the original Registers held at the Derbyshire Record Office to decipher the faded writing. Computer cross-matching against other (readable) entries has deciphered over 200 previously unreadable names. Professional opinion has been sought on inscrutable writing in the old Secretary Hand used before 1700. The Work is especially designed to aid the construction of Family Trees. Forenames and dates have been modernised and expanded, Latin translated to English and a special indexing system has been used, which draws together all different spellings of a basic surname. The Author believes this work is unique and will become the standard reference for the Wirksworth Parish Registers.

8,000 Derbyshire Names from Wirksworth Parish 1608-1837

Published as a 44 page booklet, 6" x 8", ISBN 0-9532844-1-7 Price GBP 2.00, Postage: GBP 0.50 (UK), airmail GBP 1.00 Payment: Sterling cheque or cash This work is intended to be a "companion" to the microfiche work above, and is in the convenient form of a booklet with 44 pages, 6" x 8" (A5). It contains the surname, forename, placename, occupation, sources, gaps and variant lists that appear in the microfiche work, and is an ideal size to use on a crowded desk in front of a microfiche reader.

TO ORDER any of these works, send sterling cheque or cash made out to the author at: John Palmer, 29 Sutherland Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB, England. e-mail: ****!!Don't forget to include your own full return address!!**** ***!! and pay by sterling cash or cheque !!***