[Last updated 12 Oct 2003]

GLAPTHORN-Census Records 1841-1891


Events outside Glapthorn

1841 *Britain occupies Hong Kong*Oregon Trail opens*Ross Ice barrier sighted 1842 *French occupy Tahiti*Massacre in Khyber Pass*Name dinosaur first used 1843 *Britain conquers Sind*Natal becomes British colony*Morse code first used 1844 * 1845 *Texas annexed by USA*Brunel's Great Britain crosses Atlantic*Irish potato famine 1846 *Maoris revolt in NZ*Corn Laws repealed*Neptune discovered 1847 *Bronte's Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights published 1848 *Marx and Engels publish Communist Manifesto*French Second Republic 1849 *Californian Gold Rush*Britain annexes Punjab 1850 *California joins USA*Tennyson Poet Laureate 1851 *Great Exhibition in London*Melville publishes Moby Dick 1852 *Napoleon III takes power*Britain annexes Burma*Airship over Paris 1853 *Crimean War*Cayley flies first glider*"Black ships" open up Japan 1854 *Florence Nightingale nurses in Scutari*Boole invents symbolic logic 1855 *Bunsen invents his burner*Britain at peace with Afghanistan 1856 *Bessemer process makes cheap steel*Pasteur invents microbiology 1857 *Indian Mutiny*Britain takes over India from East India Company 1858 *France conquers Vietnam*Great Eastern lays first Transatlantic cable 1859 *Darwin publishes Origin of Species*First oilwell drilled in USA 1860 *Britain and France occupy Peking*Confederacy formed by Southern States 1861 *American Civil War begins*Maoris still revolting 1862 *Bismark PM of Prussia*First plastic made*Gatling invents machine gun 1863 *USA abolishes slavery*TNT invented*Football Association founded 1864 *Sherman marches through Georgia*Siemens develops open-hearth method 1865 *Confederate forces surrender*Lincoln assassinated by Booth 1866 *Alice in Wonderland published*Gregor Mendel studies inheritance 1867 *Transportation to Australia ended*USA purchases Alaska*Dynamite invented 1868 *Marx publishes Das Kapital*Klu Klux Klan formed*Rules of boxing laid down 1869 *Suez Canal opened*Periodic Table of Elements by Mendeleyev*Celluloid produced 1870 *Franco-Prussian War* 1871 *Paris Commune*Britain annexes South African diamond fields*Rugby Union begins 1872 *Albert Memorial completed*FA cup begins 1873 *Maxwell discovers laws of Electromagnetic radiation 1874 *Britain annexes Fiji*Hardy publishes Far from the Madding Crowd 1875 *Gilbert and Sullivan produce their first opera 1876 *General Custer's cavalry destroyed by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse *Otto introduces four-stroke engine*Bell invents telephone*W.G.Grace scores 300+ 1877 *Edison invents phonograph*Swan Lake premiers*First Test Match 1878 *Serbia becomes independent*Cathode rays discovered 1879 *Zulu wars begin*Edison invents Electric light bulb* 1880 *Pitt-Rivers develops stratigraphy in archeology 1881 *Boer War begins 1882 *Koch isolates tuberculosis bacillus 1883 *Statue of Liberty built* 1884 *Maxim invents his machine gun*Mark Twain publishes Huckleberry Finn 1885 *Fall of Khartoum*Daimler creates motorbike*Benz pioneers motorcar 1886 *Linotype machine developed 1887 *Radio waves predicted by Herz 1888 *Movie camera and celluloid film patented 1889 *Eiffel tower built*Milky Way photogrphed 1890 *Lister demonstrates Antiseptic surgery*Underground opened in London 1891 *Lilienthal pilots glider*Rayon invented