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Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Photo 012


3dec2005. Wearing waders at the entrance to the access track.

3dec2005. Half way down the access track, looks like the Grand Canal in Venice

3dec2005. Entrance gate to plantation, my heart sank.

3dec2005. Deer fence gate, twisted by the easterly flow across the field.

3dec2005. The Nursery, with many 10 litre pots and saplings ready for planting out.

The 2005 Flood

One morning, the 1,000 metre wide flood plain of the River Stour lived up to its name. See full details. The author donned waders, and grimly set off with stick and camera to record the fate of his Bear Mead Plantation and 250 oak saplings. The water was about 40 cm deep, and vanished in a couple of days, but the land was saturated for two weeks. Anything loose floated to the far end of the field. Five months later, all the saplings came into leaf, showing just how tough they are.

3dec2005. Only the pond spoil heap is dry, 3 straw bales have floated East.

3dec2005. Compost heap and logpile, built inside wire cages in case of flood!.

3dec2005. Pond (foreground) and the Nursery.

3dec2005. Ragbox , showing why we put it on stilts!

4dec2005. 1530hrs (27 hours after the flood). Plantation still very soggy.

4dec2005. Next day, tin bath and seat emerge from the waters.

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