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Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Photo 16


Drawing water at the Well

The Well is 7 feet deep, and is located in the centre of a 30 foot pond. In drought conditions in summer, there is only about 1 foot of water in the Well, and 300 litres are needed every 2 days to water 300 saplings. Water is raised by a bucket, rope and pulley system, and stored in an old cast iron bath. Cans are filled from the bath, and watering 300 thirsty saplings takes about 30 minutes. The Well is named after Bob the digger driver who dug the Pond with great expertise. In the centre of the Well is a scale, which allows the watertable height to be measured. This height, together with graphs of river level and rainfall, is daily placed on the Internet (click on "Latest River Levels").

Thanks to Chris Burton and the Worksop Guardian for permission to use this photo on the website.

Photo taken:2003
Source:Chris Burton, Worksop Guardian

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