Updated 12 Apr 2010

Bear Mead on the Dorset Stour

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"Double-Scotch" gate

7 metre wide, post and barbed-wire gate, easily built, inexpensive, lockable, opens quickly to let stock or machinery through, quickly recloses and re-locks, difficult to climb, permissive squeeze-through available, held open by post and chain, matches the adjoining post and barbed wire fence.
A traditional Scotch gate, is miserly on components and cost.
Designed and erected by John Palmer Aug 2009.
Vandal-proofing improvements made Apr 2010. Named by Rosie Palmer.

Two end round posts in ground, two floating half-round posts, two central posts inserted loose in metal ground sockets and chained and locked together.
Lock and captive chain.
Nail and stapled chain.
Permissive squeeze-through.
Chain keeps gate open.

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