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The Diary of Stonecrop Wood

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The Diary of Stonecrop Wood

Entrance to the Wood on Corfe Lodge Road

Stonecrop is a very small mixed woodland, surrounded by houses, near Broadstone in Dorset, England. Only 1.38 acres, it was given to the Woodland Trust in June 1982 and was overgrown with laurel, rhododendron and briars. In 1985 became Assistant Warden and Rosemary Doughty (Honorary Warden) began writing this diary.
It tells the story of the struggle of a small wood against invading foreign species, dumped rubbish, lack of light, angry weather, unsympathetic neighbours, surrounding houses, dog walkers, and distant owners.
Comments by John Palmer are in italics. Some names have been changed to protect privacy. The wood is always dry under foot. Major species are: Beech, Oak, Holly, Ash, Birch, Rowan, Sweet chestnut, Holm Oak, Maritime pine and Scots pine.
Stonecrop Wood is on OS Landranger Map 195; Explorer 118; at OS ref SY 988955. Entrance on unsurfaced section of Corfe Lodge Road (North side).

An album of 14 wood photos can be browsed (warning 630K to download)

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23. Stonecrop Wood
0.56 ha (1.38 acres)
Explorer 118, OS Landranger 195
Parking nearby, Mainly mixed woodland

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Important events in the Life of the Wood

1985 Jun 5
Perimeter path cut in top half of the wood
1985 Aug 31
Wooden fence and gate erected by Woodland Trust
1985 Oct 19
Start of laurel removal
1986 Dec 7
Loan of a "ute" to remove cut laurel
1986 Dec 21
Paths cut through area of holly
1987 Jan 24
Start of cutting internal paths in top half of the wood
1987 Aug 2
Start of house building at back of the wood
1987 Oct 16
"Hurricane" #1
1988 May 21
Trees numbered with metal tags
1988 Sep 17
High wooden fence erected at back of the wood
1988 Sep 25
Removal of two mature beech trees near the Gregsons' house
1990 Jan 27
"Hurricane" #2
1990 Mar 10
Mr Faulkner plants conifer hedge
1991 May 2
Mr Gregson erects high wooden fence
1991 Aug 21
Start of rhododendron removal
1992 Apr 5
Mr Gregson rebuilding his house
1992 Apr 12
Start of bracken removal - attempt failed!
1993 Jan 17
Mr Gregson's fence blows down
1997 Jan 15
First "Please pick-up-after-your-dog" notices stolen
1997 Jul 12
Permission to cut conifer hedge to 9 feet
1997 Oct 24
Conifer hedge cut to 9 feet
2000 Dec 20
New "Please pick-up-after-your-dog" notices remain
2001 Mar 22
"Foot and Mouth" - the wood is still open
2001 May 1
Stonecrop Wood website goes on-line

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