Updated 14 Jun 2013

Riverside seats

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Riverside seats

These seats were constructed by along the Dorset Stour in the private Nature Reserve of Bear Mead. Each seat has its own character and use. Each was made from one plank, two posts and some six-inch nails. Two more with ropes hanging from trees - swings - are added.

Seat location on the Dorset Stour at Bear Mead.
Seat-1. In a nettlebank, views across river.
Watch and hear the reedwarblers on opposite bank.
Seat-2. Fine view up and downstream.
Clear view of 370 yards of river.
Seat-3. With two spares and table, bit windy.
Easy to reach shallow stoney river bottom.
Seat-4. View Herons, Egrets and Swans in action
on the flat river bank 75 yards upstream.
Seat-5. In a bower inside a hedge.
Rope ladder into river for fly fishing.
Seat-6. Bit close to steep river bank.
OK for watching deer on 5 acre Field #3.
Seat-7. Next to rushing Old Mill Stream.
Delightful evening chorus across river
Seat-8. Surrounded by the Willow Wood,
set back a bit from the river.
Seat-9. Sheltered by old willows, fine view
downstream. Ideal place for reading a book.

Swing seats in Willow Wood

Conventional rope swing by the River. 24mar2012
Tyre swing near the river, 25 ft high. To get started,
a catapult firing a lead fishing weight and line were used. 28mar2012

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