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The Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary

X006bWell just dug 21jul2003

The Sanctuary is a heavily grassed and treed spoil heap surrounding the Well in the centre of the Oak Plantation at Bear Mead. It is above the level of occasional floods from the river Stour.

The spoil heap came from digging the adjacent well. On construction of the Well in July 2003, 20 cms of rich earth, 50 cms of red clay and 30 cms of red gravel were penetrated, the bottom lying in white gravel.

Grass and flowers grew rapidly on the dug earth. Three willows were planted, then 4 birch, a walnut, spindles, oak, rowan and a wayfaring tree. Goat willow quickly encircled the water, producing a "Sanctuary", like a "holy well".

3397 Ten years' growth 04mar2013

1 Sleeper | 2 White willows | 3 Goat willows | 4 Common walnut | 5 Downy birch |
6 Spindle | 7 Oak | 8 Wayfaring tree | 9 Rowan | 10 Ash | 11 Cairn | 12 Scarecrow |

X010a Poppies next summer 20jun2004
X012f Spoil heap above flood waters 03dec2005
0209 Willows continue growing. 26oct2007
3124 Start of a very wet year. 28apr2012

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