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Retford Grammar School

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Manoli Stratigaki Rigg 1953-57

a.k.a. Emmanuel Stratigaki
by John Palmer


I have compiled this webpage in memory of my good friend Manoli Rigg, who lived near me in Sparken Hill, Worksop. I first met Manoli in 1952, saw him last in 1957, and believe he passed away in Greece "in the last 5 years". Many thanks to Mike Garrs, who emailed me out of the blue, with information and photos about Manoli (see emails) that had come his way
I have about 40 family photos that should go to Manoli's family, but have not been able to trace any living relatives. Any such please contact the author on
Manoli Rigg 1954

from Admissions List

Adm# | Entry  | Surname    | Firstnames |    Address               |   DoB    | Last School         |  Left
3091 | 9-9-53 | Stratigaki | Emmanuel   | 19 Sparken Hill, Worksop | 24-12-41 | Mattersey Hall prep | 26-7-57

Form IIa 1955 (Summer)

Form 3A 1956

The rear of this photo holds the following signatures:
Bembridge, Widdowson, Cooley, Lindley, Stratigaki, Gamble, Pauline, Pirios?, Conniff, Maughan, Bland, Russon, Mr BROOKES, Warrack, Bignell, Elsham?, Wilkinson, Casseldine, Bell, Vollentine, Barratt, Pogson, Booth, Butler, Ledger, Luckett, Parry, Foster, Flear, Gleadels?, Chislett, Burton, Needham, Otter?, Harlidge?, Marsh.

Emmanuel Stratigaki's 1954 Swimming Certificate for 1 length signed by "Tash" Illingworth.


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------------------------- John Palmer, I have half a dozen photos of Retford Grammar School taken 1954-1960 which I should like to send to you, for you to keep. They belonged to someone called E. Stratigaki aka Minolli whose mother was Greek and whose stepfather was Brian Rigg. Brian was, until 1957, Housemaster of School House at Worksop College. He then became Headmaster, until 1963, Headmaster of Mattersey Hall Preparatory School near Retford. That is where I met him as I was a pupil there from 57-63. Brian died aged 93 in 2009 and his widow who was his second wife , Minolli's mother had died in 1966, gave me several of his old photographs and books etc. Minolli was a pupil at Worksop and at RGS. I also have a Swimming Certificate given to Minolli who was in Mason House at RGS signed by J.D.Illingworth, Master in charge of swimming in July 1954. If you are interested in these items please let me have your address and I shall be pleased to send them to you. Mike Garrs, (address and phone included) -------------------------------------- Hello Mike, Great to hear from you. I knew Minolli Rigg very well as he lived a few doors away from me at Sparken Hill in Worksop. He was one of my "gang" and we had some great adventures together in Welbeck, the Duke of Portland's private estate not far from where we both lived. When I left Worksop in 1958 to go to London University, I lost touch with Minolli and have never seen him since. If you could put me in touch with him I'd be very grateful. "Tash" Illingworth was a well known master at RGS at that time, he taught Maths, English and swimming. I'd be delighted to have the photos you mention, with a view to scanning them and adding to my website about RGS. My address is: John Palmer, 29 Sutherland Avenue, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 9EB. Tel 01202-69-63-61. I thought of phoning you, then realised I had such a bad cold my voice has almost completely gone, I doubt you could understand me! By the way, E stands for Emmanuel (hence Manolli) and Stratigaki means "great general" in Greek. Next door to me at Worksop lived the York family, Mr York also taught at Worksop College, I believe he has a House named after him. Mr York had a son called Richard and daughter called Susan, but I have lost touch with them also. My father and his elder brother also studied as borders at Worksop College. Most kind of you to think of me in this matter. Best wishes, John Palmer, Dorset, England. --------------------------------------- Hello John, Thank you for your most interesting email. I shall telephone you in a day or two, when your voice is stronger! In the meantime I shall send you the photographs including several of Minolli now that I realise that you knew him well many years ago. Sadly, he died within the last 5 years. He had returned to Greece and, I believe, lived life in the fast lane which won't surprise you. I think he owned or part owned a nightclub in the north of the country. His mother, Hiro, was from Thessalonika. She was a widow and married Brian Rigg in about 1948. Kind regards, Mike ---------------------------------------

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