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Retford Grammar School


Retford Grammar School
"The Retfordian"

The webmaster has been fortunate enough to be given a set of Retfordians - school magazines of his old school, covering 1947-1960. They are crammed full of detail about exam results, oddball school societies, trips abroad, masters leaving and arriving, teams for cricket, football, athletics, Founder's Day, Speech Day, Old Retfordians at university, House notes, and weird poems by weird boys.
More photos are given below, showing how the school was.
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Copies of "The Retfordian"

Date         Vol Number Photos
Spring 1935  30  1      None
Dec    1950  35  1      School porch; Cricket team
July   1951  35  2      School front; Cricket team
Dec    1951  35  3      School front
July   1952  35  4      Duke of Gloucester's visit (5)
Dec    1952  35  5      School front; athletics team
July   1953  35  6      School floodlit; Cricket team
Dec    1953  36  1      School floodlit; Football team
July   1954  36  2      School porch; Cricket team
Dec    1954  36  3      Football team; Mikado cast
July   1955  36  4      W.A.F.Boulby; Cricket team
Dec    1955  36  5      School front; Football team
July   1956  36  6      M.J.Jackson; Cricket team
Dec    1956  37  1      Twelth Night cast; Football team
July   1957  37  2      Athletics team
Dec    1957  37  3      Rev.McFerran; Old Boys in Malaya
July   1958  37  4      Cricket team
Sep    1959  37  6      New Science block; Old Chemistry Lab.
July   1960  38  2      Cricket team

Rev W.P.McFerran RGS 1920-1957.
"Mac", 2nd Master and teller of Troddles tales.

The School Porch and front gates.
Front of the School with New Block on the left.
School floodlit for the Coronation 1953.

Duke of Gloucester shakes the headmaster's hand (John Gover).
"The Royal Charter" in performance 1952.
Note the sight screen, fives court and air-raid shelters in the distance.
The old Chemistry Lab, Keith Miller teaching.
Athletics team 1957.
Football team 1956.
Cricket team 1958.
Cast for The Mikado Finale 1954.
Taken 1920, a Sports Day perhaps?
These photos were taken around 1917
This room had changed in use by the 1950s. The picture of the founder Edward VI
had moved to the New Hall.
This room had a dividing screen, was less important in the 1950s
after the New Block was built.
The Chemistry Lab in 1917 hardly changed 40 years later. Fume cupboard,
bunsens, tripods, bottles, flasks and stools were the same in 1958.

The Workshop had become the Art Room in the 1950's, but had changed very little.
Taken 1925, a fine view of the rear of the school, before it was spoilt by the building of the Hall, the Tin-Tab and the canteen. A cricket match is in full swing. On the extreme right is the old Woodwork room. The Head's house and Master's common room are extreme left.
Taken 1925, another view of the back of the school and the field. In the 1950s, behind the arches on the right was the Gymn, above these was the Physics Lab.

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