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Retford Grammar School

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Memories of RGS 1959-63

by John Olsen

John Olsen (at RGS 1959-1963) sends these Form photos. Thanks John.

1960 in Form 4A
Rear: Marshall, A, Morris, D W, Brammer, Lane, Turner, Gilbert, Olsen
Middle: Bishop, Shannon, Baxter, East, Vickers, Fisher, Jackson, Morris T.K.
Front: Hollingworth, Burgon, Bussingham, Morris D, Mr. Brooke, Marshall S. W., Oxley, Adams, Fearnley

1961 in Form 5A
Rear: --, --, --, Bussingham, Vickers, Marshall A, Gilbert, Bishop, Oxley, Olsen
Middle: --, Jackson, Turner, Shannon, East, Adams, --, --, --, Morris TK
Front: Fearnley, Baxter, Brammer, Lane, Morris D, Mr McLelland, Hollingworth, Burgon, Chambers, Marshall SW, Fisher

Signatures on back: Jackson, Oxley, Revett, Burgon, Chambers, Hollingworth, Gilbert, Marshall A., Kenworthy, Fearnley, Adams, Turner, Peet, Whitham,
Brammer, Lane, Thompson, Bussingham, Morris D., Bishop, Cave, Marshal S. W., Fisher, Shannon, Wilson, Vickers, Morris T.K., East

1962 in Form Lower Science VI
Rear: --, --, --, --.
3rd Row: Olsen, Shannon, --, Pumphrey, --, Roberts, --, --, Barber
2nd Row: --, East, Chambers, Bishop, --, Hollingworth, Gilbert, Burgon, --.
Front: Baxter, Bussingham, Stephen Barton, Morris D, Mr. W. G. (Maths) Jones, --, --, --, --.

Signatures on back: Hollingworth, Gilbert, Burgon, Chambers, Barber, Bishop, Ashton, Brett, Pick,
Hardy, Robinson, Moxon, Smith, Holden, Roberts, Guilliat, Foster, Salmon, Pumphrey, East, White.

1963 in Form Upper Science VI
Rear: --, --, East, Olsen
3rd. Row: Pumphrey, --, --, --, --, --, Gilbert
2nd. Row: Phillip Brett, --, --, Roberts, --, --, --, Leon Hardy.
Front Row: Barber, --, Hollingworth, --, Mr. W. G. (Maths) Jones, Bishop, Chambers, Burgon.

Signatures on back: Gilbert, Barber, Foster, Jessop, Salmon, Burgon, Hardy, Kenyon, Pick, (Maths) Jones, Hollingworth, Roberts,
Kenworthy, Chambers, Guilliatt, Pumphrey, Holden, Moxon, Smith, Redfern, Bishop, White, East, -, Ashton, Brett, Robinson, -.

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