Updated 29 Mar 2004

Planting a new oakwood in Dorset

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Memorial Trees

A great deal of money has been spent by the author on the "new Oak wood in Dorset" Project, mainly on buying the field, building a perimeter deer fence, building a Nursery and Well, deepening the drainage ditches, removing ruts in the access track, buying 300 10-litre pots and soil to fill them.

A small grant has been received from the International Tree Foundation towards building the perimeter deer fence. A larger grant from the Forestery Commission was not possible because the FC required a much higher planting density than the Author wanted or was able to provide.

Another way of raising a small amount of money towards the "Oak Wood in Dorset" has been suggested. The idea is rather sensitive, and several snags may well surface with time, but so far the Author can see no problems.

The idea is to allow each of the 228 Major Oak saplings to be "adopted" by someone who has recently lost a member of their family and would like a "Memorial Tree" to perpetuate their memory. The relative would be asked to provide a small engraved metal plaque, which would be attached to their tree, together with a fee of £50 to cover the costs so far and future care of the tree by the Author.

Until the trees are large enough to hold the plaque, it will be placed on a post next to the tree. The oakwood is on private land, but friends or family can make arrangements with to see the adopted oaktree. The Remembrance page will be kept up-to-date and linked for the forseeable future.