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Memorial oak G7

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Memorial oak G7

Acorns in 2000 from the Major Oak

Taken 2003, Rosie in the Nursery
Friends Dorothy and Guenter chose oak G7 to commemorate a member of their family who had passed away. They come down every year to lay a bunch of flowers and take a photo. The oak has grown somewhat, and has filled out.

Father of G7 is the Major Oak from Sherwood Forest, about 1,000 years old. G7 acorn was collected in 2000 AD.

     How G7 has grown
2000: an acorn
2004: Height  95 cms Girth  3 cms
2006: Height 200 cms Girth 10 cms
2008: Height 300 cms Girth 23 cms
2010: Height 400 cms Girth 34 cms
2013:                Girth 44 cms
2014: Height 420 cms Girth 48 cms

Taken aug2006, aged 6, height 200 cms
Taken 30may2010, age 10, Height 400 cms
Taken 31jul2014, age 14, Height 420 cms

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