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Morgan, Sue and Dave

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On 12 April 2006 the webmaster became a great Uncle. These photos of the new arrival and the happy parents were sent from the Antipodes, by the miracle of modern technology. Morgan arrived at 2132 hrs, and weighed in at 8 pounds 4 ounces. What will the world be like in 2072 when Morgan will be the same age as his great Uncle is now? Welcome to the world, young Morgan and congratulations to Sue and Dave.
I met Morgan for the first time on 28 Jun 06. He flew from NZ specially to see me! I carried him miles in a sling. I'm sure he said "hello", twice, but am told its impossible. Its a hard life being a great Uncle.
Cast so far: Morgan, Sue and Dave, Sian, Carla, Kate, James, Wesley, Claire, Rory, Cameron, John and Rosie, Stan and Jean, Lizzie
Webmaster: Dorset, England.
84 photos

Photos arriving on 27 Oct 2006

6 months...

M1 Kate, James, Mogs Aug 06
M2 Mogs 6 months
M3 Mogs and his monkey
M4 Mogs in his high chair Sept 06
M6 Mogs with Lizzie
M5 Mogs in his monkey hat Sept 06

Photos arriving on 27 Jul 2006

16 weeks...

L2 Morgan in his jumper 14 weeks
L1 Dave Morgan 14 weeks
L3 Morgan in jumper 14 weeks
L4 Morgan laughing 12 weeks
L5 Morgan swimming trunks

Photos arriving on 14 Jul 2006

14 weeks...

K1 Jean, Sue and Morgan
K5 Stan, Jean, Dave and Morgan
K6 Stan, Jean and Morgan
K2 John and Morgan
K8 Stan and Morgan

Photos arriving 3 Jul 2006

12 weeks...

J1 Great Uncle John and Morgan
J2 John and Morgan
J3 A great joke from Great Uncle?
J4 Rosie, Sue, John, Robert and Morgan
J5 John and Morgan
J6 John, Rosie and Morgan

Photos arriving on 8 Jun 2006

8 weeks...

H1 Cameron Rory Morgan
H2 Dave Morgan bed
H3 Dave Morgan June 2
H4 Dave Morgan June
H5 Morgan and his cousins Cameron and Rory
H6 Morgan Rory
H7 Rory Dave Morgan Cameron

Photos arriving on 3 Jun 2006

7 weeks...

G1 Morgan Dave in lounge
G2 Morgan in car seat 2
G3 Morgan in car seat
G4 Morgan in May
G5 Morgan Sue in May
G6 Morgan Sue mirror

Photos arriving on 20 May 2006

6 weeks...

F1 Morgan looking up 2,5 weeks
F3 Antenatal group, Morgan is at 6 o'clock
F2 Morgan looking up 3,5 weeks

Photos arriving on 9 May 2006

4 weeks...

E1 Kate Sue Carla Morgan on beach
E2 Morgan bouncer 1.
E4 Sue Morgan asleep.

Photos arriving on 2 May 2006

3 weeks...

C1 Carla, Kate & Morgan at beach.
D5 Morgan in snow suit.
D4 Morgan in sling.
C9 Morgan on hippo.
D1 Morgan in rocker.
D2 Morgan and Kate.
C7 Morgan and Carla.
C6 Morgan on car seat.
C8 Morgan & Claire.
C3 Kate & Morgan in cafe.
C4 Kate and Morgan.
C5 Morgan on car seat.
B2 Carla, Kate and Morgan.
D3 Morgan on hippo.
C2 Carla and Morgan.
A7 Morgan with towel
A8 Sue and Morgan
B1 Carla, Kate and M at beach.
A4 Dave and Morgan.
A6 Morgan after bath.
A5 Kate and Morgan.
A1 Carla and Morgan.
A3 Dave and Morgan
A2 Dave and Morgan
16 Sue and Morgan St G's
D6 Morgan and Wesley.
17 Sue Morgan on deck.

Photos arriving on 17 April 2006

1 week...

18 Sian Dave Morgan 1 week.
19 Sian Morgan 1 week.
14 Ready for bath.
12 Morgan in crib.
15 Sue and Morgan in swing.
11 Liking his bath.
10 Dave Sue Morgan on deck 2.
13 Morgan looking for a boob.
08 Dave and Morgan on deck.
07 Dave and Morgan in swing.
09 Dave abd Morgan St G's.
04 Asleep in the bath.
05 Baby bath St G's.
06 Dave and Morgan CHWH.

MORGAN was born in New Zealand on 12 April 2006 at 2132 hours and weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces.

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