Updated 18 Sep 2007

Find the Major Oak, Sherwood Forest

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Where to find the Major Oak of Sherwood Forest, which is in Nottinghamshire in central England, close to the village of Edwinstowe. See the Visitor's Centre website for opening times, phone numbers and maps.

Find the Major Oak

104 Map of Sherwood Forest.
Just North of Edwinstowe in North Nottinghamshire, England, about 450 acres,
are the remains of the great Forest that once covered most of the county.
101 Sherwood Forest from the air.
Now Sherwood is surrounded by fields, colliery slag heaps,
a coniferous belt and tarmaced roads.
102 Closing in on the Major Oak.
The light green are oaks, and the dark green are birch. The sandy soil
results in large numbers of birch and the area was called Birklands.
103 Closer still....
The Major Oak can now be seen clearly (compare with photo 94 below).
Nearby are many stag-headed oaks, nearly as old as the big tree....

74 The Major Oak in summer
Taken in 2005, looking North at the huge canopy protected with fence, thin
supports and struts. Surrounding trees have grown greatly in the last 100 years.
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94 The Major Oak close in.
Taken 2005, looking North. The huge canopy, inert mulch circle, fence and
access track are very clear. The surrounding forest has moved in again.
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77 The Major Oak in winter
Taken in 2005, looking North, at the "hole" or "frontdoor".
Absence of leaves show the huge branches supporting the canopy.
78 The Major Oak in winter
Taken in 2005, looking South, at the "back" of the big tree. The new
"slimline" supports, painted green, are less obtrusive than the old wooden poles.
127 The Major Oak in June
Taken 9 June 2007 by Breixo Marino. The recent 'thin supports' are shown.
128 The Major Oak in June
Taken June 2007 by Breixo Marino. The supports have been removed digitally

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