Updated 3 Apr 2010

Morgan & Joshua

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Morgan & Joshua

Morgan and his brother Joshua Lewis flew from New Zealand with their Mum, Sue, to see their English relatives near Portsmouth. Morgan talks a lot without a noticeable New Zealand accent yet. Joshua only needs to point and squeak, which can mean either a question or a comment. Morgan and his great Uncle John had great fun doing experiments with a helium balloon and finding how much of each other's breakfast they could eat. John promised to show Morgan some pictures of aeroplanes. Here are some of those we talked about....

Morgan, 3 years old, who told me what he thought, mmmmm...
Great Uncle John

Who told the story

Joshua, 1 year old, who points the finger amd squeaks...

Blackbird - fastest plane in the world
Triplane - the Red Baron's plane
The best crash photo - English Electric Lightning
The Harrier - Vertical Take off - Great Uncle John worked on this 50 years ago!

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