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Pictures submitted by the webmaster to the website Geograph.org.uk

    This wonderful photo was rejected by Geograph because I did not know the photographer (120 years ago), although I have the original photo. So I'll have to show it here!

    Major oak, Sherwood Forest
    Perhaps England's most famous tree, this picture was taken about 1890 by an unknown photographer. Unlike today, the tree was then in a large open space. Thin cables with shackles held up the branches, which helps date the photo. Thoresby Estate owned the land around, and hired a 'guardian' to look after the tree, tell stories to visitors about Robin Hood, and accept tips from them. He always sat on a stump nestling among the roots of the big tree, the man in the picture may be the guardian. Soon after this photo, the Estate placed sheets of lead to protect against rotting of the biggest branches, but these were soon stolen by Robin Hoods of the time. Many more photos of the Major Oak can be seen on here.

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Note: Classification='Geograph' except where S='Supplemental',P='Pending' and R='Rejected'
    Name                                        Class.Grid Ref.Image Class.             Date Taken
246.New Houses                                     S  SZ0290  House under construction  2009-09-09
245.Bournemouth to Wareham Railway                 .  SZ0290  Railway lines             2009-09-09
244.Ferry from Cherbourg                           S  SZ0289  Ferry                     2009-09-09
243.Whitecliff House 2009                          .  SZ0290  House                     2009-09-09
242.Whitecliff House 1937                          .  SZ0290  House                     1937-00-00
241.Plaque on Two Fords Bridge                     S  ST9513  Plaque                    2009-08-30
240.Two Fords Bridge                               .  ST9513  Bridge                    2009-08-30
239.Stourpaine & Durweston Halt                    .  ST8609  Railway Halt              2009-08-02
238.The Mill at Durweston                          .  ST8508  Mill                      2009-08-02
237.Thatching in progress                          S  ST8609  Thatching                 2009-08-02
236.River Iwerne                                   .  ST8609  River                     2009-08-02
235.Green Lane to Stourpaine                       .  ST8510  Green lane                2009-08-02
234.Roman fortifications, Hod Hill                 .  ST8510  Roman camp                2009-08-02
233.Ramparts & ditch, Hod Hill                     .  ST8510  Ramparts                  2009-08-02
232.Rose cottage, Stourpaine                       .  ST8509  Cottage                   2009-08-02
231.Small scrape on Reserve                        .  SY8087  Scrape                    2009-06-22
230.Wader scrape                                   .  SY8087  Scrape                    2009-06-22
229.Scrape on Reserve                              .  SY8087  Scrape                    2009-06-22
228.Old Prison Fields access                       .  SY8086  Track                     2009-06-22
227.David Limb trail                               .  SY8086  Trail                     2009-06-22
226.Nature Reserve entrance                        S  SY8086  Nature Reserve            2009-06-22
225.Access to Nature Reserve                       .  SY8086  Track                     2009-06-22
224.Footbridge across gorge                        .  ST5737  Footbridge                2009-06-13
223.Signpost in Somerset                           .  ST5737  Signpost                  2009-06-13
222.Furzebrook Village Hall                        .  SY9383  Village Hall              2009-06-02
221.View from Creech Barrow                        .  SY9282  Seat                      2009-06-02
220.Long and Round Islands                         S  SY9887  Islands                   2009-06-02
219.Seat on Creech Barrow                          .  SY9282  Seat                      2009-06-02
218.Creech Barrow                                  S  SY9282  Hill                      2009-06-02
217.Motala crossing                                .  SY9483  Railway crossing          2009-06-02
216.Motala gate                                    .  SY9483  Railway interchange       2009-06-02
215.Broadstone Way at Fleetsbridge                 .  SZ0093  Bypass                    2009-05-29
214.Tesco superstore, Fleetsbridge                 S  SZ0093  Superstore                2009-05-29
213.Tesco Extra, Fleetsbridge Corner               S  SZ0093  Superstore                2009-05-29
212.Level Crossing near Norden                     .  SY9582  Level crossing            2009-05-28
211.Rectory garden                                 .  ST8905  Rectory                   2009-05-23
210.Walled garden, Old Rectory                     .  ST8905  Walled garden             2009-05-23
209.The Old Rectory                                .  ST8905  Rectory                   2009-05-23
208.The Old Rectory, Langton Long                  .  ST8905  Ornamental garden         2009-05-23
207.The Old Rectory, Langton Long                  .  ST8905  Rectory                   2009-05-23
206.Keysworth Crossing                             .  SY9389  Level crossing            2009-05-04
205.Flyover graffiti                               S  SZ0093  Graffiti                  2009-05-02
204.Holton Heath station                           .  SY9490  Station                   2009-05-02
203.'Tangmere' at Holton Heath                     S  SY9490  Steam locomotive          2009-05-02
202.Lych Gate at St Aldhelm's                      .  SY9694  Lych gate                 2009-05-02
201.Tarrant Crawford Church                        S  ST9203  Church interior           2009-04-26
200.Old trailer near Spetisbury                    S  ST9002  Trailer                   2009-04-26
199.Old Railway Bridge                             .  ST9102  Railway bridge (disused)  2009-04-26
198.Ramparts of  Spettisbury Rings                 S  ST9102  Hill fort                 2009-04-26
197.Louse Lane                                     .  ST9101  Lane junction             2009-04-26
196.Back gardens in Spetisbury                     .  ST9102  Gardens                   2009-04-26
195.Swans at Crawford Bridge                       .  ST9102  Swans                     2009-04-26
194.Lonely Dutch Barn                              .  ST9203  Barn                      2009-04-26
193.Medieval Murals                                S  ST9203  Mural                     2009-04-26
192.Triple parking in Suburbia                     S  SY9996  Parking spaces            2009-05-01
191.Wisteria on Keynston Mill                      .  ST9103  Old Mill                  2009-04-26
190.Footbridge near Keynston Mill                  .  ST9103  Footbridge                2009-04-26
189.Footbridge over river                          .  ST9103  Footbridge                2009-04-26
188.Weir at Spetisbury                             .  ST9103  Weir                      2009-04-26
187.Footbridge over Garden                         .  ST9103  Footbridge                2009-04-26
186.Colourful roundabout, Corfe Mullen             .  SY9997  Roundabout                2009-04-20
185.Tree House in Wimborne                         .  SU0000  Tree house                2009-04-21
184.Ancient oak in car park                        .  SU0000  Ancient oak               2009-04-21
183.Old Ford, Eye Bridge                           .  ST9900  Ford                      2009-04-21
182.Glendon, Brog Street                           .  SY9898  Mansion                   2009-04-16
181.The Coach House, Brog Street                   S  SY9898  Coach house               2009-04-16
180.Glendon cottage, Brog Street                   .  SY9898  Cottage                   2009-04-16
179.Rose House & Field House                       .  SY9898  Houses                    2009-04-16
178.Spring cottage, Brog Street                    .  SY9898  Cottage                   2009-04-16
177.Old wall at Brog Street                        .  SY9898  Wall                      2009-04-16
176.Primroses on Brog Street                       .  SY9898  Field                     2009-04-15
175.Owen's Acre in Bear Mead                       .  SY9898  Field                     2009-04-14
174.Brog Street in Spring                          .  SY9898  Railway embankment        2009-04-14
173.Bridleway towards River Stour                  .  SY9898  Bridleway                 2009-04-14
172.Bridleway to A31                               .  SY9898  Bridleway                 2009-04-14
171.Mobile phone tree                              S  ST8816  Antenna (disguised)       2007-10-12
170.Mysterious pole, Corfe Mullen                  .  SY9897  Mobile phone mast         2009-04-04
169.Co-op, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen              .  SY9897  Supermarket               2009-04-04
168.Co-op carpark, Corfe Mullen                    .  SY9897  Car park                  2009-04-04
167.Alley in Corfe Mullen                          .  SY9996  Alley                     2009-04-04
166.Roofs of Corfe Mullen                          .  SY9996  Roofscape                 2009-04-04
165.Lancaster Drive, Broadstone                    .  SY9996  Road                      2009-04-04
164.Roman Road, Upton Heath                        .  SY9993  Roman road                2009-04-03
163.Footbridge, Upton Heath                        .  SY9993  Footbridge                2009-04-03
162.Bridge, Nature Reserve, Upton Heath            .  SY9993  Bridge                    2009-04-03
161.Nature reserve, Upton Heath                    .  SY9893  Nature Reserve            2009-04-03
160.Boardwalk, Upton Heath Nature Reserve          .  SY9893  Nature Reserve            2009-04-03
159.Upton Heath Nature Reserve                     .  SY9893  Nature Reserve            2009-04-03
158.Sand and gorse, Upton Heath                    S  SY9893  Gorse                     2009-04-03
157.Pond and pine, Upton Heath                     .  SY9793  Pond                      2009-04-03
156.Sandy beach, Upton Heath                       .  SY9793  Sands                     2009-04-03
155.A35 near Upton                                 .  SY9893  Main road                 2009-04-03
154.Lake in Upton Heath                            .  SY9893  Lake                      2009-04-03
153.Lake in Upton Heath                            .  SY9894  Lake                      2009-04-03
152.Old Railway, Upton Heath                       .  SY9994  Railway (dismantled)      2009-04-03
151.Railway arch, Upton Heath                      .  SY9994  Railway bridge (disused)  2009-04-03
150.Railway arch, Upton Heath                      .  SY9994  Railway bridge (disused)  2009-04-03
149.The Roman Road                                 .  SY9995  Roman road                2009-04-03
148.The hollow Eardisley Oak                       S  SO2949  Tree                      2007-10-07
147.The Eardisley Oak                              S  SO2949  Tree                      2007-10-07
146.Hanham Road, Corfe Mullen                      .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
145.Wyatts Close alley                             .  SY9896  Alley                     2009-04-01
144.Wyatts Lane, Corfe Mullen                      .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
143.Hillside Road, Corfe Mullen                    .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
142.Chapel Close alley, Corfe Mullen               .  SY9896  Alley                     2009-04-01
141.Waterloo Road                                  .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
140.Entrance to Meadow Nature Reserve              .  SY9796  Nature Reserve            2009-04-01
139.Corfe Mullen Meadow Nature Reserve             .  SY9796  Nature Reserve            2009-04-01
138.Layered hedge in Nature Reserve                S  SY9896  Hedgerow                  2009-04-01
137.Waterloo Road, Corfe Mullen                    .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
136.Little Manor Farm, Corfe Mullen                .  SY9896  Farmland                  2009-04-01
135.Chapel Lane, Corfe Mullen                      .  SY9896  Lane                      2009-04-01
134.Corfe View Road steps, Corfe Mullen            .  SY9896  Steps                     2009-04-01
133.Hillside Road, Corfe Mullen                    .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
132.Heckford Road, Corfe Mullen                    .  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
131.Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen                     .  SY9896  Shopping centre           2009-04-01
130.The Dorset Soldier, Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen .  SY9896  Public house              2009-04-01
129.Lady Wimborne Cottages, Wareham Road           .  SY9896  Cottages                  2009-04-01
128.Hanham Road, Corfe Mullen                      S  SY9896  Road                      2009-04-01
127.Roman Road in Broadstone                       .  SY9996  Roman road                2009-03-30
126.Track near Barrow Hill                         .  SY9997  Track                     2009-03-30
125.Footbridge near East End                       .  SY9998  Footbridge                2009-03-30
124.Near Pine Road, Corfe Mullen                   .  SY9998  Minor road                2009-03-30
123.Near Pine Road, Corfe Mullen                   .  SY9998  Alley                     2009-03-30
122.Near Stour View Gardens, Corfe Mullen          .  SY9998  Footpath                  2009-03-30
121.View from Sleight playing fields               .  SY9898  View                      2009-03-30
120.Victoria cottages, Sleight Lane                .  SY9897  Cottages                  2009-03-30
119.Sleight Lane, Corfe Mullen                     .  SY9897  Lane                      2009-03-30
118.Newtown, Corfe Mullen                          .  SY9897  Outskirts                 2009-03-30
117.Lane near Knoll Farm, Corfe Mullen             .  SY9797  Lane                      2009-03-30
116.Houses near Knoll Farm                         .  SY9797  Houses                    2009-03-30
115.West from Mountain Clump                       .  SY9797  View                      2009-03-30
114.Mountain Clump                                 .  SY9797  Hillside                  2009-03-30
113.Stoney Down Plantation                         .  SY9696  Track                     2009-03-30
112.Rushall Lane, Corfe Mullen                     .  SY9695  Road                      2009-03-30
111.Poor Common Lane                               .  SY9795  Lane                      2009-03-30
110.Poor Common Lane                               .  SY9795  Lane                      2009-03-30
109.Upton Heath and the Great Tip                  .  SY9895  Heathland                 2009-03-30
108.Corfe Lodge Road                               .  SY9895  Road                      2009-03-30
107.Roman Road, Broadstone                         .  SY9995  Roman road                2009-03-30
106.Roman Road, Broadstone                         .  SY9995  Roman road                2009-03-30
105.Roman Road, Corfe Mullen                       .  SY9996  Roman road                2009-03-30
104.Anvil Crescent, Broadstone                     .  SY9996  Road                      2009-03-30
103.Sutherland Avenue, Broadstone                  .  SY9996  Road                      2009-03-30
102.A geo on Toe Head, Harris                      .  NF9694  Geodh or Geo              1995-05-14
101.New road looking at Loch Seaforth              .  NB2005  Cutting                   1995-05-12
100.Gneiss at Uig Sands, Lewis                     S  NB0332  Rock strata               1996-05-22
099.Chimneypots at Inverarish, Raasay              .  NG5535  Chimney                   1996-05-30
098.The Cuillin from Raasay                        .  NG5539  Viewpoint                 1996-05-27
097.Birch woods and moss near Arnish               .  NG5948  Woodland                  1995-05-25
096.The way up, Raasay's east coast walk           .  NG5840  Cliffs                    1995-05-24
095.Cottage terrace, Oskaig, Raasay                .  NG5438  Cottages                  1995-05-29
094.Inverarish Falls, Raasay                       .  NG5737  Stream                    1995-05-26
093.The lonely B887 in Harris                      S  NB0308  Road                      1995-00-00
092.House near the Stour, Canford Bridge           .  SZ0199  Flooding                  2009-02-11
091.New Canford footbridge, Wimborne               .  SZ0199  Footbridge                2009-02-11
090.Hole in Drax Wall, Charborough Park            .  SY9398  Wall                      2009-03-12
089.Drax Wall inside Charborough Park              .  SY9398  Wall                      2009-03-12
088.Drax  Wall, Charborough Park                   .  SY9299  Wall                      2009-03-12
087.Symondsbury village from Colmers Hill          .  SY4493  Village                   2008-10-13
086.The hollow Major Oak, Sherwood Forest          S  SK6267  Tree                      2008-02-10
085.Major Oak, Sherwood Forest                     .  SK6267  Tree                      2008-02-10
084.Let-downs on the Stour                         .  ST9300  River bank                2009-03-10
083.Bend on the Stour near Shapwick                .  ST9301  River bank                2009-03-10
082.Cattle pond near Shapwick                      .  ST9301  Pond                      2009-03-10
081.Stour Valley Way East of Shapwick              .  ST9301  Footbridge                2009-03-10
080.Bank of the Stour near Shapwick                .  ST9300  Riverside path            2009-03-10
079.Chaw Stone near Cowgrove                       S  SY9899  Stone                     2008-05-19
078.River Stour near Fortis Ford                   .  SY9899  River bank                2009-03-09
077.White willows on the Stour                     .  SY9899  River bank                2009-03-09
076.Old Ford to Cowgrove                           .  SY9899  Ford                      2009-03-09
075.Weir on the Stour                              .  SY9798  Weir                      2009-03-09
074.Court House from the River Stour               .  SY9798  Elizabethan house         2009-03-09
073.Church, Sturminster Marshall                   .  ST9500  Church tower              2009-02-17
   .Major Oak, Sherwood Forest                     R  SK6267  Tree                      1890-00-00
072.Tall tree, Kingston Lacy                       S  ST9800  Tree                      2009-02-15
071.Home Farm near Kingston Lacy                   .  ST9800  Pine                      2008-04-05
070.Bluebells in Abbott St copse                   S  ST9800  Bluebells                 2008-04-25
069.Abbott Street copse                            .  ST9800  Copse                     2008-04-08
068.Stile to Abbott St copse                       .  ST9800  Stile                     2008-02-04
067.Footbridge over Mill Stream, Eye Mead          .  SY9999  Footbridge                2009-02-10
066.Warning sign on White Mill Bridge              S  ST9500  Sign                      2009-02-16
065.Old Stone on Vine Hill                         .  ST9900  Stone                     2008-04-30
064.Bridleway to Bear Mead                         .  SY9899  Bridleway                 2009-03-08
063.Chilbridge Farm                                .  ST9802  Farm                      2009-03-08
062.Chilbridge Farm House, near Kingston Lacy      .  ST9802  Farmhouse                 2009-03-08
061.Julian's Bridge,  Wimborne Minster             .  SZ0099  Bridge                    2007-11-23
060.Lodge near Bacton manor                        .  SO3732  Lodge                     2007-10-11
059.Hereford trail near Bacton                     .  SO3732  Trail                     2007-10-11
058.Hereford trail near Bacton Manor               .  SO3732  Trail                     2007-10-11
057.Newcourt Farm, Bacton                          .  SO3733  Farm                      2007-10-11
056.Sheep near Longtown                            .  SO3028  Sheep                     2007-10-08
055.Bread oven, Paradise cottage, Bacton           S  SO3632  Cottage                   2007-10-04
054.Paradise cottage, near Bacton                  .  SO3632  Cottage                   2007-10-04
053.Abhainnsuidhe castle and view, Harris          S  NB0407  Castle                    1996-05-00
052.Inside signal box, Washford                    S  ST0441  Signal box                2008-09-17
051.Front door steps, Sampford Courtenay           S  SS6301  Steps                     2008-09-11
050.Prayer Book Rebellion, Sampford Courtenay      S  SS6301  Historical item           2008-09-11
049.Varves at White Nose                           .  SY7780  Cliff                     1995-00-00
048.Memorial at Winspit                            S  SY9776  Memorial                  1995-00-00
047.Race off St Aldhelm's Head                     .  SY9675  Sea race                  1995-00-00
046.Ledge at Kimmeridge                            .  SY9377  Beach                     1995-00-00
045.Pavement at Kimmeridge                         S  SY9477  Beach                     1995-00-00
044.Boulder beach near Egmont Bight                S  SY9377  Beach                     1995-00-00
043.Pondfield Cove and Gad Cliff                   .  SY8779  Cliff                     1995-00-00
042.Pulpit Rock from Bat's Hole                    .  SY7980  Natural arch              1995-00-00
041.Sunset at Bat's Head                           S  SY7980  Sunset                    1995-10-08
040.Fountains Rock                                 .  SY7880  Cliff                     1995-08-00
039.Foot of White Nose                             S  SY7780  Cliff                     1995-08-00
038.Osprey Nest at Eye Mead                        .  SY9899  River bank                2009-03-04
037.Test Match willows, Bear Mead                  .  SY9899  Tree                      2009-03-04
036.Walking white willows, Eye Mead                S  SY9999  Tree                      2009-03-04
035.The Old Mill Stream, Eye Mead                  .  SY9999  Stream                    2009-03-04
034.The Island Meadow at  Eye Mead                 .  SY9999  Meadow                    2009-03-04
033.Cow Squeeze in Eye Mead                        S  SY9999  Cows                      2009-03-04
032.Old Mill Stream, Bear Mead                     .  SY9999  Stream                    2009-03-04
031.Initials in sandstone, Manor Hills             S  SK5775  Stone                     2008-02-09
030.Poplars on Lancaster Drive                     .  SY9996  Tree                      2008-05-17
029.Snow in summer                                 S  SY9996  Wildflowers               2008-05-12
028.Birch and maple in the front garden            .  SY9996  Tree                      2008-05-12
027.Snow in Sutherland Avenue                      .  SY9996  Snow                      2009-02-06
026.Stour Flooding of Eye Mead                     S  SY9999  Flooding                  2008-03-17
025.Pike skeleton at Bear Mead                     S  SY9899  Fishing                   2009-02-12
024.Flooding at Bear Mead                          .  SY9898  Flooding                  2009-02-11
023.Snow at Bear Mead                              .  SY9898  Snow                      2009-02-03
022.Cygnets at Bear Mead                           .  SY9899  Swans                     2009-01-13
021.Lonely angler at Bear Mead                     S  SY9899  Fishing                   2009-01-03
020.Flooded monolith at Bear Mead                  .  SY9899  Flooding                  2008-12-14
019.Grass bales at Bear Mead                       .  SY9899  Bales                     2008-09-21
018.Lifting a monolith at Bear Mead                S  SY9899  Stone                     2008-08-07
017.Swan family at Bear Mead                       .  SY9899  Swans                     2008-07-28
016.Purple loosestrife at Bear Mead                S  SY9999  Wildflowers               2008-07-26
015.A big perch at Bear Mead                       S  SY9899  Fishing                   2008-06-27
014.Grass cutting at Bear Mead                     .  SY9899  Grass                     2008-06-16
013.Ragged Robin at Bear Mead                      S  SY9899  Wildflowers               2008-06-01
012.Stour Valley flooded                           .  ST9900  Flooding                  2008-03-17
011.Oak sapling at Bear Mead                       S  SY9899  Tree                      2008-05-27
010.Roe deer at Bear Mead                          .  SY9899  Deer                      2008-02-13
009.Old Mill Stream at Bear Mead                   .  SY9999  Stream                    2008-01-18
008.Winter sunset at Bear Mead                     .  SY9899  Sunset                    2007-12-29
007.Swan refugees at Bear Mead                     .  SY9899  Swans                     2007-12-23
006.Quiet river at Bear Mead                       .  SY9899  River bank                2007-12-22
005.Bear Mead Reserve                              .  SY9999  Nature Reserve            2007-12-16
004.Sunset at Bear Mead                            .  SY9899  Sunset                    2007-10-30
003.Full river at Bear Mead                        .  SY9899  River                     2007-11-22
002.Flood begins at Bear Mead                      .  SY9899  Floods                    2007-11-21
001.Swans at Bear Mead                             .  SY9899  Swans                     2007-10-29

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