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GLAPTHORN Parish Records

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Photo 001


Taken c1900. Mary Jane (bn 1861), Louisa (bn 1830) and Elizabeth (bn 1866)

William UNDERWOOD (bottom right) born 1858
Married Mary Jane PALMER Dec 1884

Elizabeth STAINLEY nee Palmer and daughter Lillian

Taken Nov 1918, possibly Glapthorn.

Palmers of Glapthorn

Patricia Cunningham from Australia contacted me again after 10 years to say she had a photo of Louisa Palmer and her two daughters Mary Jane and Elizabeth. Louisa is the authors GGAunt, born in 1830. The family tree for the photo is shown below, which fits into the Author's PALMER tree further below.

         1831             1830
         Solomon          Louisa
 |       |     |          |          |
1860    1861  1864       1866       1877
Daniel  Mary  Catherine  Elizabeth  Emma

Patricia Cunningham writes:
I hope this finds you this time. I hope you remember me. It's been 10 years since we last had contact and you started me off in my research of Palmers.(Patricia Cunningham) gg granddaughter of Louisa Palmer. I tried your old email and even got in touch with the man at the GENUKI web site where you had some pages on Glapthorn. He had no idea how to get you. I found your mums name through genes reunited and a guy researching had her name and gave me your web page . So I checked it out and was thrilled to bits to have found you. I hope the last 10 years have treated you well. As I said I hope this finds you
Best Wishes Trish

Patricia Cunningham writes again:
I saw your Wirksworth site and am very impressed . I have a few photos I received from Leonard Atha grandson of Mary Jane Palmer .I have a tree on genes reunited and he found me there and sent pics about 2 weeks ago. I was thrilled because there is one of Louisa and Lizzie Isabella and Mary Jane. Some of Glapthorn Hay making and some he has no idea who they are. So I will forward them to you . I have had a few people tell me I am wrong in Daniel Palmer bn 1799 son of John Palmer and Jane Cannam. They are saying he was Daniel/David son of Daniel Palmer bn1 757 and Mary Unknown. I think they got that from the Latter Day Saints Web site. I told them you researched it all and I'm not changing it. I did go to try and find the Parish film I had on it at the church but they couldn't find it after all these years. I stopped doing this when my grandchildren came along and started a few months ago when I finally got my computer. Anyway pic 1 L-R Mary Jane Louisa and Lizzie. Pic2 Haymaking at Glapthorn. I will send more in another email because I'm still not sure what I'm doing.
Best Wishes Trish

Patricia Cunningham writes again:
This is the photo of Mary Jane's husband William Underwood bn Glapthorn 1858. He is 1st right bottom row. They were sent to me by Leonard Atha their grandson. I'm going to let him know you have put them on the site. The other is Lizzie and daughter Lillian Stainley. I may have sent this in the 90's to you can't remember. I don't know dates sorry.

Mum thinks this is in Glapthorn but cannot be 100% sure.

I sent some more picture but they mustn't have gone through .I will try again. That Vivien Gray is the woman who told me I was wrong about Daniel. I have come across a couple of others who have the same as me. So I think she may be wrong but I'm not changing it. I will recheck the parish records. Yes I live in South Australia. My mum was a Ward from Southwick Her mum Florence Palmer Illegitimate daughter of Lizzie Isabella.Mum is 88 now and Dad 84 and they live in my back yard in a granny flat. I have a few dates for you. I believe Louisa died 1916. Soloman 1894. Mary Jane 1937 Yorkshire. Lizzie Yorkshire 1947. Thomas baptised 20/1/1797 died 22/4/1879. His wife Jane nee Burbidge died 17/4/1889.Louisa's side Daniel bn 1799 died 1876 Rainey 30/7/1860. John (Swan) died 1854 his wife Jane died 11/2/1851. Suzannah bn 1730 died Cottingham 1788. I believe I got some of these from you so you probably know them. I will forward some more photos for you in case the others didn't make it. Now I'm going to look at your web page. Thankyou for putting the photos in I have no idea how to go about that sort of thing.

Transcription of Baptism of "Daniel son of John & Jane Palmer May 5 1799", a key to the author's pedigree, find Daniel in "The PALMER Tree" below. Photo sent by Trish


Derived from Parish registers, Bishop's transcripts and Census records held at Northampton Record Office, from entries in the Family Bible and from living memories. Cottingham and Glapthorn are small farming villages in the Forest of Rockingham, Northants, about 10 miles apart. Worksop is in Notts and Broadstone in Dorset. Dates before 1837 are usually baptisms. Info before 1680 too poor to be included. (Cott)=Cottingham, (Glap)=Glapthorn, (Work)=Worksop. This Tree compiled 22 Nov 1994 by:
Over the years, Palmer family movements have been: 1680?-Cottingham-1786-Glapthorn-1880-Worksop-1930-Ecclesall-1931-Twickenham-1966-Broadstone-1994. John was a labourer, living all his life in Cottingham. ? 1680 He lived over 86 years, sired at least 13 children, | married twice and outlived both his wives. | 9nov1688 1672-80? Jane married at 18, had 10 children in 20 years, Jane (Cott) JOHN (Cott) Alice died at 43, spent all her life at Cottingham. BISHOP===29oct1707===PALMER===24jan1733===WEST 1710 d.20feb1731 | d.5jun1766 | d.4oct1746 (Cott) | (Cott) | (Cott) |--------|---------|----------|-------|---------|--------|---------|---------|---O----| |-----O---|---------| Sarah Jane John Thomas Mary Elizabeth John Anne Robert | Robert William Daniel 2jly1708 10dec1710 19apr1713 6may1714 7oct1716 8mar1718 20may1722 22aug1725 7apr1728 | 27oct1734 25oct1736 8sep1739 (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) (Cott) 180ct1730 Nothing is known of the man Susannah was the youngest of 10 children. Her mother died when SUSANNAH ? who could have changed the she was 4 months old. She had a step mother from the age of 2 PALMER===Base===SWAN family name to Swan! and 3 step-brothers, died at 58. Was she starved of affection? d.23apr1788 | 1760 (Cott) | Jane (spelt Jain in the register) |----------|----------O spent all her life in Glapthorn. John was born illegitimate at Cottingham as John SWAN, he moved to Elizabeth | Her parents were James and Jain. Glapthorn and married as John PALMER, and was buried as 22jly1761 | She married at 19 and died at 85. John Swan PALMER aged 91 years at Glapthorn. He was a carpenter (Cott) (Cott) and a pauper at the end. 29aug1764 (Glap) JOHN 8feb1767 John and Jane were SWAN (Glap) Jane married for 66 years PALMER=====22nov1786===CANNAM 1790 d.13mar1854 | d.11feb1852 (Glap) | |----------|--------|---------|--------|----------|-------|------O William Elizabeth William Thomas Mary | William 10aug1787 12apr1789 3oct1789 23dec1792 29dec1796 | 4apr1802 (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) 5may1799 29mar1801 Daniel spent all his life at Glapthorn, and married a gypsy girl. DANIEL (Glap) Rainey/Runey/Moraney/Irene/Meriem He worked as an Agricultural labourer, woodman, sawyer, carpenter, PALMER===3dec1823===SMITH and traymaker, died in Oundle Workhouse aged 77. d.14nov1876 | d.30jly1860 1820 (Glap) | (Glap) |---------|----------|--------|--------|----------|---------|---------O John Henry Louisa Mary Jane | Isabella Rainey had a gypsy father Cainey, 27mar1825 18nov1827 25dec1830 7sep1834 19jly1840 | 22aug1849 mother Trenit, sister Avenay and (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) (Glap) | (Glap) niece Vashti. She died at 59. NOTE 3 | | | NOTE 1 ---------------------------------------| (Glap) |----------------------------------------------- NOTE 2 27jun1841 (Glap) Charles was a sawyer and rough carpenter. He left CHARLES 17nov1840 Glapthorn before 1881, appears in Oundle in 1891, HENRY (Glap) Elizabeth Elizabeth, 8th of 11 children, died in Oundle Workhouse aged 72 but was buried in PALMER===5nov1867===WARD was born, lived and died Glapthorn with his wife and daughter Charlotte. d.31jly1913 | d.17oct1896 in Glapthorn aged 56. (Oundle) | (Glap) 1870 |----------|--------|--O---|----| William Henry was born in Glapthorn, | Charlotte Martha Mary Fanny moved to Worksop, worked as a coal | Clara 1871 Ann 1874 miner, became a publican then died | 2jan1870 1873 aged 54 after a car crash. | (Glap) (Glap) d.12sep1901 30may1868 (Glap) WILLIAM 4sep1875 Mary was born in John St, Worksop, 2nd of 12 Win married a local businessman but had no children. HENRY (Work) Mary children, servant at Holme Carr Farm She fostered John while Bern was ill. She died of PALMER===27apr1898===HIBBARD for Jepsons where she met her husband, cruel illnesses at 70. She was a lovely person. d.7jly1922 | d.7dec1923 and died at 48 of pneumonia. 1900 (Work) | (Work) |-------|---------|----O----| Wilfred was Born at Holme Carr Farm, George Rose | Gertrude Gert lived in Margate, played golf for Kent Worksop, served in Indian Army, was Wilfred Winifred | Annie was a good tennis player, never married, a vicar, Sq/Ldr in the Air Force, 4apr1899 7dec1902 | 24sep1908 and now lives in Poole aged 86. killed in a grenade accident at 45. (Work) (Work) | (Work) (from DOXEY Tree) | |------------------------------------------------------- (Work) | 16sep1905 (Sheffield) Ena was born in Sheffield, descended from Bern was born in Shireoaks, moved to London and CHARLES 8sep1907 6 generations of lead miners from worked as a cable operator, died aged 51 after BERNARD (Sheffield) Ena Middleton-by-Wirksworth in Derbyshire, 12 years illness from rheumatic fever caught PALMER===20apr1931===DOXEY worked as a needlewoman and store in Vienna during the War. d.17jan1957 | d.29jan1994 manageress, and died at 86. She loved (London) | (Poole) and was loved by her sons. 1930 | |----O------| John RESEARCHED this FAMILY TREE, John | Robert was trained as an anaesthetist, worked in lived happily in Dorset, Charles | Canada and USA for 10 years, made his fortune worked as engineer and physicist 6may1940 | there and returned to Wales and Portsmouth. and travelled widely. (London) | (Sheffield) (Khartoum) Val is second of 3 daughters 29jly1944 31mar1950 of Baptist missionaries in ROBERT Valerie Ethiopia, born in Khartoum JULIAN (Broadstone) Jean and trained as a nurse PALMER===14dec1974===NUNN at Bristol. 1970 | | |-------|----O-----| Sue is studying medicine at Susannah Carla Katherine Bristol University against Caroline Rosalynn Olivia her father's advice. 16jly1875 25jan1977 18mar1983 (Soton) (Montreal) (Worcester MA) 1994 | | | Carla (Rowlands Castle) Wesley PALMER=====30jun2007=====McCOY Note 1: Married John Berridge, son Eli, descendent Harold Edwards lives at 49, Gordon Rd, Oundle, Peterborough PE8 4LD. Note 2: Married William Tebutt Dec 1868, Oundle. Ref: Descendent Pat Pitts (patpitts27#hotmail.com). Note 3: Married Solomon Palmer 1828-94, descendent Trish Cunningham of Australia.

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