Updated 30 Nov 2006

Flooding at Bear Mead 27 Nov 2006

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Flooding at Bear Mead 27 Nov 2006.

A description of the mild flood on 27 Nov 06 at Bear Mead.

Also see: Normal behaviour of Stour, More pictures of the Flood

This flood is still happening, so graphs, levels and pictures will be shown here as they become available. Notes will also be added, sorry if they are a bit incoherent to the reader (if any).


    Mon 27 Nov 06

  • This flood overtopped river banks about 1600 hrs 26 Nov 06.
  • This flood peaked at about 2200 hrs 26 Nov 06.
  • This flood undertopped riverbanks about 1400 hrs 27 Nov 06.
  • The riparian fields at Bear Mead were actively flooded by the Dorset Stour for 22 hours.
  • The last flood happened 3 Dec 2005.
  • The author parked by the manure heap, amd managed to get up the access track, across the field to the river in wellies, waders not needed!
  • Readings at 1100 hrs 27 Nov 06 were: River 355, Well 243, Julians bridge 17.7 (first time this equivalence has been measured by author).
  • Readings at 1600 hrs 27 Nov 06 were: River 341, Well 237, Julians bridge 17.7
  • Field #1 (Reserve) hardly flooded, Plantation very soggy, OM and MS field over 50% flooded.
  • Trace of ancient ditch on S side of Field #1 revealed by lying water.
  • Some photos should be available tomorrow (28 Nov 06)
  • Scrape level above 30, water turned brown
    Tue 28 Nov 06
  • Managed to get car to field, when river level about 303
  • Loose items have drifted ENE in Plantation.
  • River and groundwater going down, but 11 mms of rain early this morning, which will push river up again
    Wed 29 Nov 06
  • Plantation soggier than Reserve, which must be draining into river better.
  • Got photos, selected three to put in Album
    Wed 30 Nov 06
  • River has fallen by 70 cms in a day after no rain for 2 days
  • Driven round perimeter of fields #1, 2 and 3 without problem
  • Red flood warning replaced by green to mark end of this flood.
  • In plantation, most oaklets have lost their puddles.
  • Scrape level has fallen to 26, water still brown

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