Updated 9 Feb 2009

Exercise at Eyebridge

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Exercise at Eyebridge
Poole Fire Brigade on the flooded Stour

The author () went for a walk with his wife across wet fields and under a blue sky to Eyebridge.... and met Poole's noble Fire Brigade using the rushing waters of the Dorset Stour to test their skills at rescue. If the gentlemen concerned would like send me an email identifying members of the team, and explaining the equipment and techniques used, I will add it to this webpage for the instruction of my readers. (Enlargements of these photos are available 2048 x1536 pixels in size)

1429 --Special Rescue Unit vehicles arrive at the flooded Eyebridge car park.
1427 --The Poole Fire Brigade exercise team, kitted out and ready to start.
1426 --The boss's wellies aren't high enough, he needs a lift round the corner!
1428 --Setting up the orange safety rope across the river.
1431 --First volunteer, yellow safety rope on, floats in his equipment.
1430 --"No, you can't get out yet, we'll let you know when."
1432 --Its difficult to swim with arms only.
1433 --"No, you still can't get out, just keep quiet for a bit, there's a good chap".

1434 --"We'll practice throwing you a rope in this little bag".
1435 --The boss-with-just-wellies guards the orange safety rope on the far bank.
"He missed the rope, he's heading downstream for Christchurch."
"Call the Fire Brigade!"

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